Girls Night Out

My loving better half recently bought me 2 tickets to the Girl's Night Out event that KSBJ was hosting last FRiday.

PART 1: The star act was one of the funniest woman on the planet and the woman that every other woman should see once in her life, because she pretty much says everything we all think and she. is. hilarious!

Case in point:

If you have kids, have siblings, work with kids or have ever even known a pint size rugrat then I would bet money that you are laughing right now. And that is exactly what ever woman in the room did through the entire conference.

PART 2: The second speaker was Lysa TerKeurst, of Proverbs 31 Ministries. If you don't know her (I didn't) then you should. She is one of the most amazing, eloquent, uplifting and enlightening women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The stories she told and the messages she spoke about were truly eye opening.

Here is one of my favorite things she said - Life is messy {understatement of the year folks}

{ever feel like this???}

When it's truly the messiest of times, you feel alone and like nobody is there to help. And what a coincidence, the word Messiah..contains the word "mess". He will always be there right in the middle of your deepest and darkest mess ready to pull you out. If you want him to...{think about that}

My second favorite thing she said was "Don't let your mess DEfine you, let it REfine you" I can think of more times that I would like to admit that I let my mess define me and let countless hours, days even weeks waste away that I can never get back. Ever. - Is anything worth that?

Here are two of the books that I bought and I cannot wait to get started on them!


One last parting note:

You are Welcome.

- Lindsey Nicole

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