Super Bowl Guilty Pleasures, Part One

So Sunday's the big game huh? Super Bowl 128,978 or something close to that.

I don't know about you, but I am going to be honest and say that the best part about Super Bowl for me is the fact that I have an excuse to feed my face ALL.DAY.LONG. - Enough said!

Everyone knows you have to bring something to the party and for those people who have more day than they do time, this is a great and easy snack!

{you may want to leave some at home because they will go quickly!}

Want to know how long I slaved over these bad boys? No lie - 4.5 minutes

Step 1: Place Rolos {man I loved these as a kid} on a cookie sheet about an inch or so apart

Step 2: Warm them in the oven until they get mushy {Don't let them completely melt, just until they start getting soft...maybe a minute}

Step 3: While they are still soft smoosh a whole pecan on top and Voila!

Now I know that was a very technical process and had some pretty scientific words, such as, mushy...but I trust you can do this!

WARNING: This product may cause you to look like this:
{Best show. hands down.}

Side Note: Mr. Wonderful and I are going to a Super Bowl party Sunday and I have a very yummy surprise that I am making...stay tuned to find out what it is!

What's your favorite Super Bowl guilty pleasure?? {I love new recipes to add to my arsenal!}
- Lindsey Nicole


Allie L. said...

These look INCREDIBLE. I think I need to make a batch to send to a deployed friend... what temp did you set your oven to?

Lindsey Nicole said...

Thanks Allie! They are wonderful and the best part is how easy they are!

I don't remember exactly what I put the oven on, but nothing higher than 300. You are just softening up the chocolate. Let me know how yours turn out!