TV Junkie

If I could spend an entire weekend catching up on all the mind numbing educational shows on my dvr I would be in heaven.

It is FULL of the world's best day time and night time television:
- Days of our Lives
- Desperate Housewives {tears will flow on the final episode}
- Grey's Anatomy
- Smash {I may or may not sing along during the entire show}
- The Voice
- The Bachelor
- Pretty Little Liars

Can it get any better??? I think I will always be a TV junkie...sad but true!
{Especially when I get to see such fine gentlemen as Mr. Blake Shelton...althought I don't know who I love more - Blake or Miranda!?}
Halloween 2012 idea??? Hmmm...I like!

Spiderwebbing for a second...I will be seeing Mr and Mrs. Shelton at Rodeo Houston 2012...who are y'all seeing???

- Lindsey Nicole

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