playing catch up

I know, I know, I know. It's been awhile since we have talked. But in all fairness let me just recap (briefly) my life since we last talked.

- April and Kelby's wedding in Corpus
- being a supportive law school student's wife during finals
- decorating for christmas; getting all christmas gifts bought and wrapped
- the first 2 weeks of December i had to wrap up my work life to get ready for my honeymoon :) details and pictures to come soon!
- LAUNDRY from the trip
- family trip to Tulsa
- family wedding
- new years eve

Deep breathe....and that's not to mention all the WONDERFUL new recipes and crafty projects I have been filling my few moments of free time with.

So here comes the promise (i'm raising my right hand)....I, Lindsey Nicole, promise to recap and continue to keep this blog updated as part of my new year's resolution!

Happy Reading!
- Lindsey Nicole

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