on the corpus christi bay

WARNING: LONG POST (in all fairness it covers a WHOLE weekend)

"If I could live my life all over
It wouldn't matter anyway
Cause I never could stay sober
On the Corpus Christi Bay"

Why oh why did I come back....

Let me start from the beginning - after a 3.5 hour road trip with mr. wonderful we finally reached corpus christi where the wedding festivities began!

Friday...Rehearsal dinner: mr. wonderful and i joined our good friends April and Kelby for their rehearsal dinner at joe's crab shack at which i probably ate my weight in fried shrimp and seafood nachos...mmmmmmm

here is the gang

SWITCH TOPIC: This trip was also a chance for us to see a couple other really good friends....who also deserve a HUGE congrats as he just popped the question and she said yes :)

aren't they ADORABLE!

Okay back to the wedding..
Saturday.....WEDDING DAY!
the ceremony was outside on a beautiful waterfront platform at the Corpus Christie Aquarium and was absolutely beautiful, but definitely not as beautiful as he bride! take a look!

Oh yeah, here's her and her groom!

The reception was packed full of good food, margaritas and aggies, WHOOP! Oh and lots of FISH!
April and Kelby - we are so happy that we could a part of your special day! We love y'all!

Here is me and mr. Wonderful

Since we were there for the whole weekend we made sure to spend time with our newly engaged friends as well. We did one of my all time favorite things...fishing! (All my friends and family who read this just choked on whatever they were eating because I DON'T FISH!) but I do love boats and we were on a boat...hence the favorite part!

Isn't my honey so stinking cute!

Oh and here are our friends being so damn cute and not even knowing it!

I did learn one thing on this fishing trip...it must be a man code to take your picture with our fish

(He made me take this one...and let me say, fishing doesn't look good on me...that is for sure!)

The end! Great people - great weekend!
- Lindsey Nicole

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