Love and Respect week 1 update

Okay so I know I am little late, but it's only because I have been thinking through everything we heard and trying to process everything!

And let me tell you it was more than I remember from the 1st time we participated in this series. So I will only hit the highlights:

Pink/blue earplugs, pink/blue sunglasses and pink/blue megaphones! {WHAT? I know - I will explain I promise}

The whole theme of the series is "Love and Respect", and how woman feel fulfilled through love and men feel fulfilled through respect. Now, I know for me and my husband this is right on the money! {Well for me its love and food...just joking...well only half way!}

Woman see through pink sunglasses, hear through pink headphones and speak through a pink megaphone while men see through pink sunglasses, hear through pink headphones and speak through a blue megaphone...now when I speak through my pink megaphone, my husband CANNOT hear that through his blue headphones and then what?

Now with every up there is a down, and the down for this is that each gender tends to not understand the needs of the other. When misunderstanding rears its ugly head each gender reacts in ways that strip the other of what makes them feel fulfilled...introducing the crazy cycle

And as you can see, once you get on the crazy cycle it can be difficult to get off...hence why you take the class!

Another theme for the evening was "It's not wrong, just different". This applies to the way your spouse feels fulfilled. Just because it is different from the way you do, doesn't mean it's wrong...JUST DIFFERENT.

For example: If I was to say "I have nothing to wear!" {through my pink megaphone} to my best friend - she hears {through her pink headphones} "I have nothing new!" - which all women know is what I MEANT!

Now, if I was to say the EXACT same thing to my husband, he would hear {through his blue headphones} "I have nothing clean"


Anyways - this series is full of funny stories that hit home and make you remember that your relationship with your spouse is for the most part...normal! But it shows how you can make it great and minimize the fights and strengthen what you have!

We have our 2nd class on Feb. 2nd so I will touch back on that then!

- Lindsey Nicole

P.S. - Tomorrow's post will bring my first adventure in crock pot cooking EEEK!

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