TUESDAY TOPICS: SIX Favorite Products

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Apparently I have lived under a rock the last couple months and didn't know anything about this link-up, but now I do and I'm ready to jump in!

{1.} Pampered Chef Baking Stone - Large $33.00/Medium $25.00 - You will never use another metal baking sheet again. Whether you want biscuits, pizza, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc this pan will do the job. You never have to preheat it, it pulls moisture from food so no soggy pizza crust anymore and the more you cook on it, the better the food taste because the pan becomes "seasoned." {It's even microwave safe}
{2.} Pampered Chef Bamboo Spoons - $10.50 - Never buy wooden spoons again! The bamboo is super tough and almost {except when stuck in the blender} indestructible. I have had the same set since college and the are perfect for both stainless steel pans and coated pans!

{3.} Ninja Blender - Average $65 - Best blender {that one can afford on a year's salary} hands down! The 6 blades that go all the way up the cylinder, instead of just the one at the bottom like normal blenders are the key to success here. Anything and everything blends so easily and evenly and the best part...3 different size removable containers WITH storage lids! AND the top piece, that supplies power, never gets dirty! Simply pop the containers into the dishwasher for easy cleanup people :)
{4.} Cheese Knife - Ranges from $15-$100 sets - Mine's a cheapy one and I couldn't be happier. $14.99 later and I have the best looking cheese in town! This knife will cut hard cheese and soft, mushy cheese without any problems and nothing ever sticks to the knife. The good ones are stainless steel and some {like mine} come with a warranty! Happing cheese cutting!
{5.} Pampered Chef Measuring Spoons - $8.50 - One spoon for teaspoons and one for tablespoon and that's it! No silly rings filled with 16 different measurement spoons taking up all that space in the drawer anymore. Dishwasher safe.
{.6} Houdini Wine Opener - Average $30.00 - Ever been embarrassed trying to open wine because the cork breaks? Ever have a bad day and need a glass of wine and can't get into the bottle? No more! The Houdini wine opener make opening any bottle of wine so simple, even for this girl, who doesn't drink very much wine I am always the one volunteering to open the bottle!

What are your favorite kitchen items??

 - Lindsey Nicole
{All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for any of the above reviews or recommendations}


Beth @ Structure in an Unstructured Life said...

I used to have a Pampered Chef baking stone and I literally cried when it broke during a move! Great list!

Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I have a pizza stone. What is the difference between a baking stone and a pizza stone? I am so kitchen retarded! haha!

Always Abby said...

Oh man! I have a Pampered Chef baking stone, too. I LOVE it. We use it for everything!

LaurenMarie said...

I love my pampered chef spoons too! Have you tried their wooden salad tongs that flip open and are flat when you need to put them in the drawer? Those are awesome :)