Summer Time To-Do's {I'm Back!}

Now that I can breathe a little and can get back to some level of normalcy in my life, I'm pumped because it's summertime in Houston and that, my friends, is my favorite time of year!

You know it's summer in Houston when...

* The first order of business after walking through the front door - stripping. Too damn hot for lots of clothes.

* Your activities can be one of two places- indoors or in the pool

* Saturdays are spent on the lake, at the beach, in a puddle - anything with water

* You bring a jacket into any building with you because the AC is set on -10 degrees

But summer also means bathing suits and beach trips, watermelon and picnics, bare feet and shorts, sunlight until 9pm and even though I no longer live the life of a college student with nothing to do during the summers but subject my skin to the sun's evil rays 6 hours a day, I still can't help but feel more carefree and happier in the summertime.

{Let's just say I could never live in places like Alaska that have entire days of darkness - serious lack of Vitamin D.}

Some people think the heat makes them sluggish and tired, but summer time makes me feel adventurous. It makes me feel like trying new things, setting new goals and taking advantage of every extra hour of sunlight.

{Maybe it's a trick - more hours of daylight makes me feel like I get more hours in the day to do things or something}

Here are my summer to-dos:

1. Clean out my closet. You know it's time when you run out of hangers.
2. Join the YMCA and maintain my weight loss. Easier said than done, but it is swimsuit season right?
3. Grow some herbs. How hard can it be?
4. Blog routinely. And by routinely, let's start with at least twice a week for now, shall we.
5. Try more new recipes. Now that we have roommates {that's another blog post} I have more people to cook for!
6. On a food note - organize my recipes. Recipes on napkins and various scraps of paper is not cute!
7. On another food note - blog my recipes/food adventures more. I always take the pictures and then never blog about them.
7. Celebrate my 25th birthday with the people that I love :)
8. Go to more blogger meet ups. I went to one and loved it - now I just need to go back!
9. Get back into graphic design. I finished the website and the Etsy shop and then life got in the way.
10. 11. Learn to count

What are your favorite things about summertime? Any summer goals? {We can be accountable together!}

- Lindsey Nicole

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30sandCounting... said...

Ummmm..you may want to reword #3 on your summer to-dos...hehehehe