I conquered a Pinterest braid

Don't get me wrong - I love Pinterest, but sometimes it makes me feel inadequate! The thought of a super intense DIY posts or a fancy hair-do makes me sweat.

But last night, I conquered my fear and tried a braid style that I have seen a gazillion times and love the way it looks and it didn't turn out too bad!

Original inspiration                                                  My Rendition {Not a good picture, but you get it}

I need to keep practicing because my hands got tangled up a couple time and I need a better way to secure it than bobby pins, because they keep sliding out. Maybe I will try a little rubber band like the original picture from the super cute hair style guru, Annelise, over at Aunie Sauce!

It's super simple once you get the hang of it - start like a normal braid {3 pieces}, but instead of holding onto the piece you cross over, let it fall and then twist the remaining new strands once. Grab another piece {to make 3 again}, cross it and let it fall. Twist remaining pieces and continue to repeat!

Now I'm motivated - what are some cute styles that y'all have conquered??

  - Lindsey Nicole


Darby Hawley said...

I agree! Those hair tutorials are so intimidating and when I try it, it always turns out horrible lol Your braid looks great though!

Brook said...

Great job! I've tried that one before but I felt like mine was too loose or my hair was too slippery. Very cute!