Who knew life could be so consuming..part 1

I have a good excuse - L.I.F.E.

It has been standing in my way since Thanksgiving and I woke up yesterday and realized that is freaking February already - holy hell!

Since we last talked:

* I have traveled to Germany, The Netherlands, England, France, Connecticut and New York City
* I celebrated 8 years since our first date with the handsomest man I know
* Watched one of my best friends get engaged
* Helped another one of my best friends design her save the dates
* Opened an Etsy shop and have already started filling orders

We will get to all that shortly, because I promise I am back for good. I had my break, but now I miss blogging and am ready to get started again!

Let's start with a MAJOR photo dump of my Connecticut/New York trip part 1 - baby steps folks
{There may or may not be a proposal at the end of this post...}

 Welcome to Westport, Connecticut

Little does she know that 24hrs later she will be an engaged woman!!!

 This Texas girl has never seen snow stick to the ground, let alone temperatures of 15 degrees

Yes, that is all snow...seriously

Meet Roxy!

 Fact: Winter clothes suck - hence, why I look like the abominable snow pig in EVER picture

Where's Waldo? {hint - she is wearing a white hat!}

oink oink

  "If this floor doesn't shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will!"

 The happy couple 

Rockefeller Center = BEAUTIFUL!

 Blake or Adam?

Just call me X-Tina

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The beautiful Plaza Hotel

We are two lucky ladies for sure!

Tavern on the Green

 Trump Skating Rink in Central Park

Cue the proposal.....
{and the snow}


What better way to end this post than a proposal!

Nice to be back!
-Lindsey Nicole

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Darby Hawley said...

Awwww I love these pictures! Looks like a complete blast!

What kind of etsy shop did you open?