I was seduced

I promise I am not dead.

Physically anyway...mentally, now that is another story

Between catching up on the 12846286428 million emails I had patiently awaiting my return from Europe, I have been seduced by the Hunger Games books. Seriously.

It's a problem. I can't sleep - I can't eat {ha, let's be serious} because I want to read, but I am making myself read slow because I can already feel the sadness that I am almost finished with the series creeping in.

My fellow readers know this feeling well...Harry Potter was just the beginning.

I digress...

I promise on my Hunger Games books that I am currently working on a big giant post or seven filled with more pictures of more churches than y'all will know what to do with!

This week, folks, this week!

I do however, want to apologize to the lovely ladies who signed up for my scarf swap - because I have not been a good host and posted my own - so here goes!

I was partnered with a real life friend, Miss Darby over at Life with the Hawleys

{you might remember these faces...they guest posted for me while I was away!}

I met Darby when I went to my first ever blogger meet up and we hit it off! She is so sweet and we definitely do not lack talking subjects!

She even made sure that I had my scarf in time to take with me to Germany :) Her card said that she saw the scarf and knew that it was perfect for me --- and she RIGHT!

I am head over heels for anything leopard print...my husband says I have a problem...but I say, hey, as long as I don't wear all my printed pieces together, we are good!

It is light weight {perfect for Houston "winters"} and looks so good with anything! Thanks Darby!


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I was just seduced by The Hunger Games as well. I am on the third book!

amber.m said...

Oh my gosh, I read the hunger games trilogy in 3 days!! I was SO obsessed! I have three kids and my husband was in Afghanistan! I am proud to say my babies were all fed and still well taken care of. Haha

Cori H. said...

Such a cute scarf! I love leopard print!

Darby Hawley said...

Look at you rockin' that scarf! I'm so glad you like it!

Ashley @ Lets Get Bananas said...

Oh girl, I love leopard print too!! I point it out everywhere we go. I even found a pair of Nike leopard print running shoes (out of my size, boo) and my hubby told me I lost my mind and am taking it too far, ha!