That time I stalked Clyde Drexler

Anyone who doesn't live under a rock has probably seen all the hoopla about the NBA All Star Games that went on this past weekend in my outstanding hometown of Houston, TX.

{Or you have at least heard about the celeb stalking sitings everyone has been tweeting the crap out of} 

Well, sadly, I couldn't partake in stalking Scott Disick over the weekend, but I did get a chance to go to the Jam Session on Thursday, which was a night jam packed with games, contests, celeb autograph signings, memorabilia from the legends and more! 

I have to admit that while standing at the entrance a rather tall, dark gentleman walked in and I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn't put a name to the face....recognize him?

Look how cute he is! And he was so nice! 

See Sergeant No Fun up there? 
She was all like "Clyde we don't have time" - and we were all like "Clyde just a quick picture please" - and she was all like "Absolutely not Clyde, we have to go" - and he was all like "Stop, it's one picture"


Take that you boring, no fun, volunteer lady

Personally, I think he is waaaaay cooler than Scott Disick Kardashian right?!

 - Lindsey Nicole

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