New Blog Design!


For those who know me, the fact that this design is up and working correctly is truly a miracle!

I am totally a nerd, but I am so stinkin' proud of myself for finishing this damn thing, considering that every night of work on it usually brought cussing under my breath and the close destruction of my precious Mac. 

Anyways, Happy Friday and I hope you love the new blog design as much as I do! 
{Pssst....there is more surprises to come soon!}

- Lindsey Nicole


Darby Hawley said...

More surprises!!!!! What a cliff hanger; you're killin me girl!

This looks awesome. I love the pup!

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

I love it!

Erin said...

It took my damn near forever to work on mine too. I did it all in a ghetto version of Microsoft Paint so everything gets so screwy and I have no control. Great feeling to finally have it all worked out though right?! It looks great :)