Is it weird that I fantasize about fonts? All types of fonts - scripts, stencils, gothics even tacky holiday fonts! 

Is it weird that I notice fonts before anything else on everything? Or that I can name them by site? 

If you need a font fix, you need to try my favorite FREE font site

No matter if I am designing a business card or a birthday invitation for someone, they have the perfect font.
{This could be the reason I have more fonts in my font book than I will EVER use}

Meet my newest editions:

Go ahead - but don't say that I didn't warn you when you look up and it's been 2 hours and you have downloaded 20 new fonts!

- Lindsey Nicole


Darby Hawley said...

I'm a font addict too! I just downloaded some new ones this weekend lol
So glad I got to see you on Saturday (sorry I looked like a hot mess- Ford may not think I'm a serial killer but he might think I'm trash now lol)

Sarah said...

I love fonts, too! I'm still looking for the perfect modern swirly script font but it's a total time suck!

Katie Wilkes said...

dafont is fantastic! I've been using that site for years and years! :)