Calling all animals lovers

Anyone who knows me, knows that I most of the time I prefer animals to people and would do anything for my Murphy boy!

I admit it - I am a frequent Animal Plant watcher and when I'm tricked, National Geographic too. I have recently discovered two of the cutest shows on television.

I''m talking super sticky, sugar sweet and you're in luck because I am sharing my secret tv obsessions with you!

First we have "Too Cute" and as the name describe it is just too damn cute! They take 3 separate families who are raising a litter of puppies or kittens from infancy until they are old enough to go to new families. 

*Fair warning - the narrator is disgustingly cheesy, but what can you expect from a show about infant animals?

Second we have "Unlikely Animal Friends" and this show blows my mind every time I watch it! People tell their stories about a pet that has become a friend with the most unlikely of animals. Maybe a hippo and a giant tortoise...or a dog and an orangutan?! 

{This show is definitely one for the whole family, as the testimonials are easier to stomach than the child like announcer on the 1st show. }

The complete innocent and genuine love that comes from animals is truly amazing - no judgment, no conditions, no rules or requirements. Obviously being of the same species doesn't matter to them either! 

So if you are in the mood for something that will bring a smile to your face and make you squeeze your pet a little tighter, definitely check these two shows out!

- Lindsey Nicole

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Nicole said...

I think Murphy and my pup would be best friends :)