Eating my way through 25...

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes - it was a great one! My co-workers definitely made me feel special with this little party and wonderful husband sent beautiful flowers to my office.

My favorite part about birthdays {other than spending time with the people I love} is that fact that, in my book, you get to eat whatever you want on that day!{Or during your birthday week}
And that is exactly what I did...and I don't regret it one little bit!
I started my day super duper early with a heart healthy breakfast of a sausage and cheese kolache{apparently meat kolaches are a southern thing} and a donut! Mmmm...carbs

The foodie adventure continued with an amazing lunch with my co-workers at a build your own burger joint, The Counter. New restaurant for me and I was very impressed. They make hamburgers exciting and the choices are endless. And even though they don't have truffle fries, which should be a staple in one's diet, they have parmesan rosemary fries that are definitely a contender!
{That's not me in the background...obviously. And that isn't my actual burger - that picture has escaped me at the moment...but you get the picture right?}

{Tip: don't go if your in a rush- it took me 20 minutes just to decide what to put on my burger!}
After work, I had a book club meeting *nerd alert* at Reef Restaurant in downtown Houston and if you haven't been, go. The owner and chef Bryan Caswell is not only a great guy, but makes the best damn seafood dishes in the state! {If seafood isn't your thing, try the sliders. To.die.for.}I skipped all that for this visit though and stuck to the most amazing adult milkshake a girl could ask for.

Oh and you can't have a milkshake without fries. Plus Reef's come with a sriracha remoulade sauce that should be consumed with a spoon!
After the book club, I jumped in the car and headed to my second home - College Station, TX. One of my best friends lives there and was in much need a of a girl's movie marathon weekend. I pulled it a 9:30pm to a slice of chocolate birthday cake - she knows me too well!

{The husband had a practice bar exam test all weekend, so this trip was perfect}
Lunch on Friday consisted of philly cheesesteak sandwiches, which were ooey gooey and yummy!

Side note: I will be in the home of the cheesesteak sandwich in October and you better believe I will be having more of those bad boys!
Dinner was hand tossed pizza piled high with all my favorite toppings and Caesar salad. {No pictures - too hungry} We chowed down in the dark and watched a scary movie that I highly recommend! The Call with Halle Berry takes suspense to the max and definitely gets your heart pounding.
Sunday brought a long drive home to see my parents and siblings, another best friend, my husband and more cake, which was the perfect end to the perfect birthday weekend!
Here's to 25 and all that I have planned for it!

- Lindsey Nicole

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