Inspire Me Healthy Link Up {and rant}

I have turned over a new leaf folks! Since my last post about my prize winning strategy I have become serious about this whole weight loss thing.
I started my gym routine on Monday, August 20th and last week I went 4 times and so far this week, I have gone 3. Not a huge deal, but better than the -3 days I was going right?
I have made a point of upping my time on the elliptical every day and am now up to 4 miles {in under 25 minutes} without resting. {This makes me smile just reading it!}
Since the last Inspire Me Healthy post, I am so excited to say that I have lost....
1.5 pounds!
Who know that such a small goal could feel so damn good!?
The hardest part is most definitely the weekends, especially since my husband has the taste buds of a toddler and the ability to eat like a linebacker
I have also come to a few more conclusions {I guess those 25 minutes on the elliptical give me extra time to contemplate life lol}:
Totally my personal opinion:
I think when people say “Oh I don’t eat/like fried food” or “I don’t eat/like cake” or “I really love the taste of tofu”  - they are full of shit.
Seriously – I know that fried food is bad for you; I know in large quantities it can make you sick; I know. I know. I know. – I also know it tastes good people! For those who say it doesn’t – I don’t believe you. Period.
Anyways, I decided that I will/can never be one of those people. So, if I can limit {notice I did not say eliminate that stuff my from diet – because AGAIN. IT. IS. NOT. REALISTIC} myself on that stuff long enough to get myself down to the weight I want to be at, then there is nothing wrong with having it every now and then. I do not believe that piece of cake for a friend’s birthday is going to send over the obese edge.

{That being said, I do not plan to stop exercising or go back to the unhealthy way I was eating prior to this either}
I just think there is a middle - somewhere between unrealistic rabbit eating and unhealthy hippo overeating. {No hard feelings for either animal though - just not my style}
I also believe that a lot of it is portion control – so instead of a piece of cake the size of my face – I have one that is the size of half my face {kidding I only have a few bites} and I don’t do it every day.
Well enough ranting for today – 1.5 pounds down and 3.5 to go for my first pretty prize!
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P.S. - after rereading this, it is official - I have a cake problem
- Lindsey Nicole


Blondes have more fun

Or do they? Time will tell! I did it again - back to blonde

There you have it - the before, during and after pictures!
{please excuse the total gross nonsense wanna be ombre filth that my hair was prior}
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- Lindsey Nicole


Dead fish, family, a wet dog and sunshine

Yeah those words accurately describe the two mini vacas that have taken over my brain and, unfortunately, my jelly rolls.

{don't worry I have been a good little girl this week}

Living in H-Town means that our closet 'beach' is Galveston. Galveston will always have a place in my heart because I grew up in Houston, but let's be honest. It lacks a certain something.

Like clear water. {on it's behalf, it's just silt that is constantly stirred up}

Back on track Lindsey. back on track

Beach trip #1:
My first trip to my make believe island paradise was a little getaway with my momma, my twin siblings and my best friend.

Take a look:

 1. The view from our balcony
2. To bad it was spoiled by thousands of dead fish. thousands.
    Apparently, a lack of oxygen due to extreme heat killed these little guys and then they washed
    up onshore. surprise.

 3. As always with mi familia - there is always some intense game playing
4. Check out this crazy creation that my little brother and my momma made
5. Just in case you didn't get enough dead fish - here is a closeup
6. My favorite beach time activity, even with fish everywhere - actually my favorite activity always
7. Hey there little buddy! - thats my little bro who isn't so little anymore :(
8. Last but not least, no road trip is complete without a stop at my favorite beaver heaven}
Beach trip #2
My second beach trip was with a day out with my hubby and my pooch. {his first time to the waves}
All of his funny faces make me laugh! {Lord help me when I have an 'actual' child!}
 As you can tell by the massive amounts of photos above, I do not like him at.all.


Happy Friday to all the beach and dog lovers out there. And everyone else too I guess!


Pudge Problem/Pretty Solution - Inspire Me Healthy Link-Up

{This post was written on Monday 8/20 - since then I have been to the gym every night!}
All In My Twenties

This week’s post is about getting serious – something I needto do. obviously.

As a short person {only 5’ 2”}, any amount of additionalweight makes a big difference. I have never been a “tiny” girl – although whilstin high school drill team I was pretty damn small.

{Btw - high school skinny is neither cute nor appropriate onceyou are a grown ass woman}

Anyways, as depressing as it is to say that I weigh 160pounds, I honestly do not feel like I look as heavy as that sounds. I don’tlove the way I look, but I don’t feel like 160 pounds either. See the dilemma?

Over the years, I have learned a few things about myself:

{1.} I have no will power when it comes to food. I actually findeating/dining to be really freaking enjoyable.

{2.} I have to have set goals with very specific rules outline{rule natzi right here}.

{3.} As important as goals and rules are, who can forget about howmuch I love rewards! {lollipops, stickers, diamonds, whatever}

{4.} I prefer a crazy mix of exercise, not just a boring routineof jogging around a track like hamster on a wheel. {why I love Crossfit so muchand why I am so sad to be broke and unable to do it}

{5.} I h.a.t.e - hate fad diets

SO – what are you going to do about all this Lindsey!!?

{A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – hey I gotta havesome thinspiration folks}

So here is what the loot line up looks like:

A beautiful handmade piece from Bip And Bop! But how to choose!

One {or more} of the many super cute dress from KiKi La'Rue {oh how my closet misses you}

Mama needs a new pair of shoes - DSW, will you marry me?

A mini-vacation is just what this weight loss winner deserves! Maybe San Antonio, Fredericksburg or Lake Travis will do!

So there you have ladies! I will keep you posted on those pudgy pounds AND the pretty prizes! {And the pouting partner at my house after he sees the tab!}

What would get you motivated!?

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- Lindsey Nicole


Online Shopping Addict Right Here

This is why I don’t go on vacation! I cannot get my overly fed self back in the swing of anything – cleaning – cooking – working – blogging – life in general.

However, I am excellent at online shopping no matter what mode I am in!

I am currently waiting on 4 pretty little packages to come in the mail {2 of which are out for delivery today – wahoo!} {3 of which are going to have to sneaked into my house to avoid questioning!}


Thanks to Miss Tara over at Fabulous But Evil – I have successfully stocked up on Elf products to last me through the winter. What a better way to start off becoming a junkie that with a 50% off sale??

Yep – I came away with 6 eye shadows, 2 new brushes, a face primer and a concealer all for $22 smackeroos – THAT’S IT! {plus I got free shipping – hello awesome!}

All I know is that I am super excited to try my new products {and tell y’all about it} and if I hate their guts – oh well I only spent $22 bucks.


My new business cards {from moo.com}are on their way to my door step!! EEK! I am officially a business woman – DBA name and all!

New blog design and more on this coming soon!


Thanks to Groupon – another one of my many hobbies {can Groupon even be a hobby? Maybe it should be a sport!} I recently purchased these puppies for only $12!

{probably why I cannot find a link for y'all that isn't sold out!!}

I love me some Betsy Johnson accessories {but my wallet does not} so when I saw these on sale I scooped em up faster than my hubby could say no :)


No, I do not go around dressed like a 1960’s pinup girl on the weekends {however that would be interesting wouldn’t it}

My wonderful job has an event every year that is a themed gala type event that focuses on doing business in international regions of the world. Held at one of the most outrageous hotels in Houston {Hotel ZaZa}, the World Trade Soiree, is definitely a night to remember.

This year’s theme is Luck Be Houston, complete with The Rat Pack and Miss Monroe herself! Check it out here!

What are online stores suck you in??

p.s. - vacation pictures coming soon. promise.

- Lindsey Nicole


Dear Pitbull...

It's my favorite day of the week, if only for the reason that I LOVE this link-up!


Dear Pitbull: Just because The Black Eye Peas ruined redid a Dirty Dancing song, doesn't mean that you should jump on that bandwagon.

Dear Murphy boy: I really hate how you rummage in EVERYTHING...but how can I be angry when I come in the kitchen and see this?

{he was looking for ice}

Dear husband: I'm sure going to miss you this weekend. I am also sure you are going to be super jealous of my beach going activities.

Dear Elf makeup: You better get here quick and you better be all your cracked up to be! P.S. - thanks for making saving money so damn difficult.

Dear strawberry/banana smoothies: Mmmmm to you sir

Dear couch-to-5K: I hate you - I love you - I hate you - I love you.....

Dear bloggy friends: see you Tuesday - I am off to the races {well the beach really}

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- Lindsey Nicole


Inspire Me Healthy Link-Up!

A Mommas Desires And Pacifiers
{Time to not be so damn unhealthy ladies!}
I hate running.
{I love eating}
With a passion.
{With a bigger passion}
It hurts my feet, my knees, my butt and my lungs.
{It's yummy in my tummy}
It is the devil.
{It is Jesus reincarnated}

{I wanted to end the post here, but I guess that's poor form}

That being said, I need to learn to love running now. Any tips?

You see, after quitting Crossfit {best/worst workout regime EVER} because it was draining my bank account faster than I drain a large McD's diet coke I need something to fill the workout gap.

I would swim - but, folks, that involves washing my hair more than twice a week and I am not down with that. {Plus, we have all seen the nappy hair those Olympiads have under those swim caps}

I would do a boot camp - but how do you choose!? There are like a million!

I would stop eating, but that is physically impossible for this girl.

So, I have decided to learn to love running - and thanks to some inspiration from Miss Sarah at Total Basset Case I have a wonderful iPhone app that helps me keep up.

{the best part is you can choose one of the three characters above and they all have separate personalities and voices}

So Couch-To-5K here I come! {anything past couch to mailbox is a win in my book!}

So far, so good - I am on the 3rd run/walk series and even though I wanted to rip my legs/feet off during each workout, I finished them!

And thanks to Miss Kristen and Miss Raven for coming up with this wonderful link-up to help us all live a little longer ;)

{Fair warning - I am spending the weekend at the beach and may or may not fall off the wagon - hey maybe I will run on the beach right?}

P.S. - I know I am late on all this, but follow me on Instagram @lpeters27

- Lindsey Nicole


Meal of the gods

I love having people over! Friends, family, bbq's, birthday parties - it doesn't matter I love it all.

I also love planning - it must be the creative in me, but I feel all parties need special preparation and planning and MUST involve amazing food.

{Now if you know me, then you know that sometimes I like to be in control - just sometimes}

This is the reason why I really like to do all the cooking for my get togethers. That and I feel like it's a talent show and people are going to judge my party by my food - eek!

Anyways my loving husband suggested that we have some people over to watch the Olympics and eat dinner - the.next.day.

WHAT? This does nothing for my nerves - seriously!

I needed quick food inspiration - enter homemade pizzas

This is the easiest and quickest dinner idea. Whether it's date night or you are having a bunch of friends over, it works!

All I did was buy the pre-packaged pizza dough {hey, I only had a day's notice remember!} and several jars of pizza sauce, bags of pizza cheese mixture and all the toppings your little hearts desire.

{To make my life easier, I had all the staples and then everyone brought whatever toppings they wanted}

Brush the dough with a little olive oil, build your pizza and then bake for 10-15 minutes.


Now, we all know you can't have a dinner party friends over without having a dessert that everyone will ooh and ahh over and ask you to bring to their next dinner party :)

{and by dinner party I mean all your friends standing around while eating off a napkin and drinking out of a beer bottle}
I saw these bad boys on Miss Taylor's blog and knew that I needed to find an excuse to make them ASAP {because it's wrong to make 18 cupcakes for only you and your husband right?}

Now I know I said the pizza the easiest thing ever - I lied - these are {how can they not be? only 3 ingredients - yes please!}

Smoosh {technical term} a cookie dough square in the bottom of each liner

Add your desired amount of peanut butter {if you are like my husband I had to make a few that were swimming in peanut butter just for him}

Pour some brownie mix over the top {don't over brownie them up though  or you will run out of mix}

If you are asking where have I been - the answer is in a food coma since I made this meal of the gods.
- Lindsey Nicole


Why I am glad the {summer} Olympics only come around every 4 years

Don't get me wrong - I am just as American as the next gal and I love me some rockin' bodies Olympics, especially the summer ones.

{Maybe it has something to do with being from the South where sand and swimming are a given - but there is something about the summer Olympics that suck me in EVERY.TIME.}

I am, however, very greatful for the fact that they only come around every 4 years - seriously I couldn't handle Olypmics year around. {Neither could my body}

{1.} As I sit and watch the buns of steel, the rock hard abs, the thunder thighs {not the kind like I have either} and the protruding muscles I didn't even know exsisted - I tend to snack and snack and snack because let's face it, looking at the most athletic, perfect version of the human species is a tad depressing lol
{there is only men in this collage? hmm...wierd}
{Phelps' face is blocked out because we can agree that it's his least attractive quality - oops}

{2.} My schedule has been at a stand still, because I cannot do ANYTHING but watch the Olympics because it's on everywhere I go and if I don't stay caught up then I get behind! {My poor house is so dirty and my poor husband is so hungry}

{seriously folks - who has time for life with a schedule like this?!}

{3.} I don't think my emotions could handle Olympics year round. Between Missy Franklin's tearful gold medal win - the heartbreaking results of the woman's gymnastics all around trails - the amazing gold medal win of the women's gymnastics team finals - the crushing men's gymnastics team finals - should I keep going? {I haven't even mentioned the recently crowned Olympic god - Mr. Phelps}

{Seriously - this called for the ugly cry - I felt so bad for her and then they showed her mom and I lost it}

{4.} I would hate NBC the Olympics were year round because they air them while I am working and certain folks cannot contain their excitement and blab the results in the middle of the damn day! Seriously NBC - Can I get a tab or something specifically for the Olympics news, so I don't get blasted with the results everytime I go to your main page?

{5.} Continuing on about the idiots who ruin my life by blabbing - I cannot get on Facebook. ever. because some yahoo is professing their undying love for one athlete or another and their most recent accomplishment.

{6.} I don't know if you know this - but NBC is home to the best daytime television ever - Days of Our Lives and if the Olympics were year round - guess who would no longer have a reason to live beacuse her soaps would be canceled? - this girl.

{7.} Lastly, I might be tempted to get a sweet Olypmics tattoo somewhere on my body so I could feel, if only for a second, as cool and accomplished as those lovelies. {And then everyone would be embarrassed to be around me}

If those aren't wonderful reasons to only keep this obsessive, life consuming program to a minimum of every 4 years, then I don't what are.

P.S. - does this medal count for anything? {I may or may not be wearing it around the office}

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the Olympics!?
- Lindsey Nicole