It's my party and I cry if I want too...

For some odd reason birthdays immediately make me think of this song

Depressing I know lol - Really I just think it's because I feel that your birthday is a day {okay maybe a week} where you get to do WHATEVER. YOU. WANT

Eat what you want. Drink what you want. Wear what you want. Watch what you want.
Basically - be a brithday brat!

{Subtle I know -- my husband LOVES birthday week << can you hear the sarcasm dripping?}

ANYWAYS - Happy Birthday to all my birthday twins out there in the world

Hope you become the best birthday brat you can be - I know I will!

P.S. -

- Lindsey Nicole


Just checking in!!

So it seems that my little piece of heaven survived my absence - all thanks to the lovely ladies that guest posted for me!

Muchas gracias to Miss Tess, Miss Erin and Miss Lindsey for keeping everyone entertained! {They are great aren't they?!}

{And thanks so much to all their readers for visiting me and leaving your great comments! Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs too!}

I sure do have lots to tell y'all {man it feels good to be in the south again!} about my wild adventures in yankee land! This one calls for a multiple poster {?} lol

But - here are a few teasers:

{1} I have perfected the art of the native Bostonian accent and like to throw it around in conversation to the dismay of my husband

{2} Note to self: You do NOT like public transportation - especially underground ones

{3} Try as I might - I could not escape hell's heat {except in Lobster land}

{4} 1.8 lb lobster is a lot of work for a relatively small amount of food - however, apparently, they are a dieters dream


AAAAAAND - ladies and gentlemen Monday was the start of birthday week {as my husband would say through clenched teeth} as tomorrow is my day of birth and I am turning the BIG 2-4!

What to do - what to do? HELP! I NEED SUGGESTIONS!

- Lindsey Nicole


Whah yoo wan too day?

Why hello, all of you Creatively Classy kittens… meow!  I am so excited to be guest posting for Mrs. Peters today!  O.M.G!!  I soooo hope she’s enjoying her trip to Boston and the East Coast!

Ok, let’s cut the crap.  Frankly, I’m a little jealous that Lindsey P gets to go on all these spectacular trips for work while I stay paper clipped to my desk.  I mean, seriously! Boston, Europe, some hole in the wall in Texas {that just means I can’t remember the name of it}.  What’s a mom gotta do to get a little vacation on the boss man’s dime?!


Ok, sorry for the rant, but I feel MUCH better!

I’m Lindsey S and I spend what little free time I have to run this mess of a blog called
Not So PTA. 
It’s a mommy blog {ugh, that just HURTS coming out of my fingertips}.

You should check it out!  Please!  No, really, go look at my blog. 
Don’t make me… don’t.. you, you better not… that’s it, you’re grounded!

I wanted to share with you my awesome Boston experience; unfortunately, I’ve never actually been to Boston.  So, instead I figured I would share a little event in which my cousin pretty much went Boston/East Coast ghetto on the nail lady.  Actually, I would be telling this story to Lindsey P if she was here, but in this case she’ll get to hear the story along with everyone else!

So last weekend, my cousin and I went to a nail salon right by the house to have our toenails painted.  Just painted.  According to Kelly {my cousin} this is standard operating procedure.
I never knew you could just ask for paint without the pedi! 


We walked in and immediately realized we were the only customers.  I don’t know about you ladies, but a little red flag ALWAYS goes up when the nail salon is empty.  Finally a woman {let’s call her Amy} walked up and asked “Wha we wan too day?” Kelly told her she just wanted her toes painted.  Amy said it would cost $8 for the color and $2 for trim and file.
Hey, $10 is better than $40, right?

So Kelly sits down in the chair, and Amy begins removing the paint from her toes. 
Kelly and I are chatting when Kelly notices that Amy was not clipping her toe nails short enough.

“Um, excuse me, can you go ahead and trim the toenails down?  I like to keep them pretty short.” To which Amy said…………………nothing.

Odd… but we just assumed that Amy either didn’t hear Kelly or thought Kelly was talking to me. 

So, Kelly asks again…

“Excuse me, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and clip them shorter.”  To which Amy replied………………………..nothing.

By this point, I know Kelly is getting heated.  Aww hell, here we go!

Kelly tells her AGAIN to clip her nails short, to which Amy replies

 “NO MO!”

{below is what follows}

“No more?!  NO MORE?!  You know what?  You are not going to paint my nails, lady!”  Kelly reaches down and rips off the toe separator thingies and throws them to the ground.

“You have been rude to me and have ignored me the entire time I’ve been here.  I asked you to clip my nails short and you didn’t do it, and now you’re telling me No?!  I don’t think so!  I’m leaving” to which Amy responds, “That five dolla.”

Oh HELL no!!!!

Kelly assured Amy she would NOT be paying her anything and we gathered our things and walked out, raw ass nails and all. 

Needless to say, we will never be able to go there again!

Want to read more funny stories that are hilarious and {here’s the best part} true?  Show some love and follow Not So PTA.  You will not be disappointed, I assure you this!  And thanks P for letting me guest post - you brave, brave woman!  Now hurry back to the office! 

Stay Classy, Peeps!


A Guest Post by Erin

Hi y'all

(I'm not the least bit southern but I get jealous of all you southern belles that say that so I thought it was an opportune time to throw it out there)

I'm Erin and my blog is called

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

It has nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey.
Sorry to get your panties in a bunch.
But they probably already were when you read that, so it's fine.

Moving on...

I'm not a "twenty something:, I'm an almost 23 year old!
(two more weeks 'til my Birthday)
(You don't even know me but you're excited, I just know it)


My blog consists mainly of five things:

Link Ups

My life in New York City

My love of guacamole

Collages of pretty little things

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Color Crush

Being a random nutcase blabbing about randomness

You should know these five things:

I watch a lot of educational and thought-provoking TV (The Bachelorette, Real Housewives, Teen Mom, etc.)

I am and will forever be Team Harry Potter. My childhood officially ended when the seventh movie ended. Cue the tears.

harry potter was my childhood, i am currently rereading all seven.

I do not like coffee, mushrooms, loud chewers, or Achilles tendons. GA-ross.

I love puppies. I will annoy you about my love for puppies. I will comment on just about any post that contains a picture of puppies. I pet random puppies in the street. I know the names of more puppies in my apt building than I do people. PUPPIES!

My "nephew" Dutch:

I must use shampoo first in the shower and my left eyeball is two different colors. And I do realize that those are two totally unrelated tidbits.

The eyeball


You should come be my friend for these five reasons:

I don't take life or anything for that matter too seriously. Except for my pillows - they must be flat.

I'm really sarcastic and try to make jokes out of just about anything so maybe you might get a giggle from me.

I'm somewhat new to Blogland and really just want more bloggy friends because you guys make my day.

I like clothes and decorating so if you like that too you might find some fancy shmancy stuff on my little ol' blog.

I'm having a giveaway so even if you don't want to be my friend you could still win fun stuff from me.

Click HERE to enter for a chance to win all this:


And we're done:

Thanks for reading one of the most random posts I've ever written.

(That's a lie, I recently posted about Crochet which turned into a rant about clothes washing - that one may take the cake)

Now come over HERE and say hello so I can see your beautiful face and stalk you right back :)


Some Unfinished Bizznazz: LA Slim Wrap

Good Morning Lovies!

Lindsey is off in Boston having a good time working a tradeshow so you're stuck with me today.

I'm Tess and a I run a lil’ space called A Modern Suburbanite’s Lifewhere I spastically catalog all the random thoughts and happenings in my life…with a focus on wedding planning, city living (even though I am from the burbs’) and now newlywed life. Oh and my nail polish. I really, really enjoy some good polish.

Ok awkward introduction out of the way.. Now onto the good stuff. An LA slim wrap! The LA “slim wrap creates and stimulates inch loss by releasing toxins from the body's fat cell.”

Now the million dollar question - and the reason you are even reading this: Did it work? Yes it really did. Keep reading.

 I went to wrapped in wellness in Southwest Houston (going to one of these places makes you feel a lil’ kooky. I will not lie about that) and the LA slim wrap originally costs 175 bucks-ish. I bought it on groupon – because no, I am not that desperate to lose some inches- for 50 bucks.
I showed up and was instructed to bring another set of undies, wear flip flops and a wireless bra. I opted to wear a sports bra. Ok so first up, you obviously have to strip down to undies and bra. Then she starts wrapping you in clothe gauze that has been soaked in solution REAL tight. I almost snapped a picture of myself, but realized I that a picture of myself in gauze head to toe would be too much for the interweb. So use your imagination and think of this girl!
Except I didn’t wrap my calves / ankles because I already have chicken legs and didn’t need to lose any inches in that area.

After I was wrapped – they poured more solution on me so I wouldn’t get everything wet.
This is me wrapped! I could hardly walk and they put me in this huge suit.

I watched a movie for an hour.

Then Voila!
They unwrapped me.

gave me hot tea – because you suddenly get really cold. And then she measured me.

The inches I lost were:

1.25 on my bra-strap (hello strapless wedding dress!)

1.4 inches in my hips

1 inch on my tummy

.5 inches on each thigh

.25 on each arm

And I don’t really remember the rest but I DEFINITELY looked thinner. And when she added up all the inches I lost all over my body it was 9 inches total. 9 inches! What sucks is I hate my arms, and they are the most stubborn thing to lose weight even when working out and dieting. Well same for this.. they didn’t really improve that much. According to Maggie, my hips and tummy did phenomenal because this is most likely where I carry all my toxins. Ewwie.

My only regret is I did this on the Wednesday before my wedding and I wish I had done it closer to the day of. Because once you lose all that water weight – you really shouldn’t eat or drink poorly and put it back on. But other than that, I will def scoop another groupon up when it becomes available! I’ll probably do it for Emily’s wedding. Fo Sho.

Now, this isn't supposed to be on the ONLY thing you do to look thinner. She mentioned eating well, working out we're must-do's after getting the wrap, and that during award season celebrities will have the wrap done once a week, (the maximum amount of times you can do it) AND eat likes rabbits, AND work out like maniacs. I mean but who has time for all that?

Email me with any questions!


Let the journey begin...

As much as I love {with a capital L} jet setting --- I HATE packing. Probably more than I hate leaving my handsome hubby and precious pooch at home!

I guess I will deal with it though if it means I get to jump on a plane to somewhere fun!

{I finally get to take one of my talked about trips!!}

Sunday I will make the 1800 mile trip to Boston, MA {maybe I will come home with a cool east coast accent} or a work trade show and I couldn't be more excited because this lady has never been anywhere on the east coast!

Don't get me started on how long it took me to decide on clothing and shoes, but no matter where or when I am traveling I always start with the essentials!

A girl's guide to traveling anywhere anytime --- according to a wanna be professional traveler --- me!

{1.} I don't know the technical term for these bags (side body bag?) --- but I think they are the perfect travel bag because you don't have to worry about people snatching them or pick pocketing you!

{2.} This is the most recent addition to my all time travel list and its all thanks to Tessie. I got to have my China Glaze top coat and various shades of Sinful Color polish! {My newest addition - Oasis}

{3.} The only two meds a girl needs (besides the BC of course!) --- allergy medicine and migraine medicine --- not only a travel must, but a purse must as well!

{4.} Every pair and style of underwear I own --- I secretly have a fear of being out of town without enough underwear --- totally relevant because I go so many places that don't sell underwear right?

{5.} Extra hair ties and bobby pins --- my husband hates when I buy bobby pins because he swears that I wear them once and then leave them in places that bug him on purpose {the shower/beside table/his truck} --- but I swear these two items seem to constantly disappear!

{6.} Bandaids --- for those long days/nights of cute heels --- ouch

{7.} Books --- I love to read EVERYWHERE --- on the plane, at the hotel pool, at night in the hotel, on the beach --- EVERYWHERE!

{8.} Swimsuits --- you never know when you will do a little hotubbing or take a side trip to the beach so I say --- always be prepared right!

Well it looks like I am all packed and ready to head out --- I will miss you while I am gone, but no worries you are in good hands with a few guest bloggers I have lined up!

{Tell me what you can't travel without --- I can always add to my list!}

See you soon ---


Your Gyno and Your Hairdresser

Today was D-Day

Downunder Doctor Day --- hazards of being female :/

{Don't worry I won't get into the nitty gritty because if you are a female, you get it....it blows}

So while I was sitting there naked in that God awful sorry excuse for a hospital gown, the OBGYN nurse is discussing my highlights and how much she loves them. wierd. 

Anyways --- she says to me "Honey, there are two things in life you don't change - your gyno and your hairdresser!" 

Amen sister!

As much as I love my stylist - she probably hates me because every few months I walk in with some new idea/color/style for her to replicate and again I love her because she usually groans {possibly bitches me out under her breath} and then works her magic!

Well --- it's that time again and I am bored with my mane -- so what to do?

No more cutting for awhile --- I miss the long locks :( 

So maybe some color will satisfy my itch --- I secretly wish I was a petite Latina with dark eyes and dark hair {Eva Longoria -- total girl crush!} so I tend to lean that way....

Or do I go southern belle blonde since it's hot as hadies and the sun kissed look is in?

Or do I go with the ombre look? NOT --- I have some how managed that already and thats purely for lack of funds to fix this train wreck

{one of my favorite dresses right now --- Forever 21}

UGH --- what are some of y'alls favorite trends for hair right now? HELP!

{and your welcome for the lady party talk...always a conversation starter right?!}

- Lindsey Nicole


Kiki La' Rue Winner!! {And summer clothes picks!}

Hey did you know it is hot in Houston?? {I swear - I don't mean to say that in every post, but alas it sneaks its way in almost every time!}

In the summer I have to have clothes that are light and I generally aim for spaghetti strap or at least sleevless because sweating through your shirts = not cute {not to many strapless things for me {i'm afraid} - hazards of having big boobs that aren't fake I guess}

Side note: one my best friends in whole wide world is shacking up in Houston for the summer and I couldn't be happier!! {Go bears? - no way!} Anyways --- she purchased the babies for me for my birthday and now I just need the perfect outfits to pair with them!

I am dying to add any {or all?} of these little numbers to my closet! --- Best part is they are all affordable!

{1} The Repeat Trender Skirt - Kiki La' Rue - $36.00
{2} Lemon Lined Dress - Kiki La' Rue - $59.00
{3} Nautical Number Dress Coral/Tan - Kiki La' Rue - $42.00 {Also comes in navy!}
{4} Watercolor Tank - Kiki La' Rue - $24.00
{5} I'm Sprung One Shoulder Dress - Kiki La' Rue - ON SALE $46.00
{6} It's All Behind You Top Royal Blue - Kiki La' Rue - $42.00
{7} Emroidered High-Low Skirt - Forever 21 - $19.80
{8} Belted Eyelet Dress - Forever 21 - $17.80
{9} Pleated Polkadot Dress with belt - Forever 21 - $19.80

What have we learned from this?

- I have a love for anything from Kiki La' Rue...even my 1st purchase was wonderful!
-  Anything with stripes, tribal designs, bright colors and uneven hem lines needs to get in my closet NOW
- I should buy one or more of these for myself as an early birthday present
- AND I may or may not need a second job :/

EXCELLENT news though --- I won a giftcard from the wonderful Kiki La' Rue {THANKS!} and I cannot wait to use it and tell y'all about it! Question is ---- what to choose??

HELP! What are your favorite Kiki items for this summer?
 - Lindsey Nicole


At home nails trends

I like rules and I like instruction sheets even more and I like a kit with all necessary items and the instructions all in one box EVEN more --- that's why I am all about this summers nail trends!

I tired the at home gel manicure {sans the light} here --- and it was wonderfully shiny, went on like a dream and dried faster than I could paint. At only $13.99 its worth the cash, but it doesn't stay on quite as long gel manicures that are set with the light.

{Trend 1} - At home LED gel manicure --- same as above, but the polish is set with an LED light. The top selling brand of this at home DIY style is Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit and the starter kit is only $59.99! {Downside - only includes one color and your don't get to choose it}

For those who have had gel manicures done at a salon, you know that at $30 a pop this is a steal!

{the other colors sell for $9.99 - only slightly more than everyones favorite professional polishes}
I am dying to try this as I am 100% team gel manicure...now to convince my husband that this is a necessity!

{Trend 2} - At home french manicure --- Another trending kit makes it super simple to get that clean french tip without all the fuss. Simply put some glue on a ready made line of color and then press on your nail! Sounds simple enough. {Downside - how do you touch up any chips down the road?}

The kit comes with enough applicators for 4 manicures and they even have little "handles" for easy application! How cool do those look!?

You can pick these puppies up at Ulta for only $14.99 AND they come in different lengths!

{Trend 3} - At home nail stickers ---These make getting super cute patterns/designs on your nails in a synch and they aren't hard to apply. They come in cutest and most creative designs, so be prepared to have a hard time choosing!

And the best part - you can pick them up at any drug store and most grocery stores, so no need to deal with mall crowds! These range from about $8-10 dependng on the store.

{You can purchase online at Ulta and various other beauty sites if you prefer the ship to my hands timeline}

{Trend 4} - This one is new to me and I FREAKING love it! It's called Caviar Nails ---You paint your nails with the polish included in the kit and then while it is still sticky you funnel tiny little beads in various colors onto your nail and they dry into the polish creating a look of sprinkles on a cake!

Unfortunately, due to the 3-D texture, the beads tend to fall off very very easily {according to every review I have read} --- this truly makes me frown, because I want so badly for this to work because it is just so darn cute right?!
{I did hear that any colored polish would work and top coat doesn't help the beads stay on}

This kit sells for $25 at Sephora and comes with the polish, the caviar beads, a funnel and a tray to catch excess beads. If I find $25, I might still buy it and wear for a special occasion on one nail or something.

So what's the trend here? DIY! Woman are tired of going to the nail salon, so these kits make DIY nails at home super easy --- and for the most part not to expensive!

Which is your favorite? Do you have another kit you like!?

- Lindsey Nicole



Have you ever heard that women spiderweb? I 'm all for not stereotyping, but this describes me and most women I know to a tee!

It goes something like this....my thoughts during a 10 minute drive today

"It's really freaking hot in Houston {I say that A LOT don't I...} but the sky is so blue and I love it!" 

"Gee, I wish I was driving with windows down listening to THE George Strait. I want to hear Seashores of Old Mexico"

{marry me Lindsey...okay George}

"Ahh the beach...I need nice frosty adult beverage...preferably that of strawberry and tequila"

"I wish I could skip work and head to the beach and drink where there is white sand, clear waters and I can do nothing other than sit on my butt and read a book while soaking up the rays!"

"I can't go to a beach without going to buy a new itty bitty polka dot bikini...and some extra cash :/"

"Crap --- God knows I can't buy/wear a new swimsuit with this muffin top I have because pastries and bikinis = sadness for all involved"

"Better get my ass to the gym..."

Alas - spiderwebbing...I got nothing accomplished and ended up wanting to spend money and have a little lipo. Focus fail in my head and on this blog post apparently HA!

Hazards of being a woman I guess!

- Lindsey Nicole


Kiki La' Rue Shirt Review

Through all of my blog readings, I have come across the name Kiki La' Rue several times and every time it is accompanied by a picture of the cutest piece of clothing! I finally broke down and bought something to see what all the hubbub was about and I was NOT disappointed!

{Ugh - even the logo is cute right!}

There are so many reasons why this shirt is a winner:
{1} The color - it is absolutely the perfect shade of cobalt blue...which I am obsessed with
{2} The fabric - fact - Houston is hot; This is the perfect material for a hot Houston day
{3} The quality - every seam is straight; every hem line is finished; perfect!
{4} The versatility - this top looks great with a pair of grey slacks and nude shoes for the day at the office, but also looks great with cuffed white shorts and wedges for a weekend lunch with the ladies or an afternoon date with hubby.
{5} Hello...the price - granted I did catch it on sale at $20, but even full price it's still a bargain!

{necklace - Sam Moon} {watch - NYCO}

{I always say, you can tell a lot about a girl by what she keeps in her bathroom...can you tell I'm a disaster!}

They also have a ton of other cute things from maxi dresses, to mini dresses, to rompers {even though I go back to my romper fears at the thought of purchasing one}, to accessories, they have it all! I have a strong feeling that my closet will soon house many more Kiki La' Rue lovelies!

It's summer...you deserve it...go buy yourself something pretty!

- Lindsey Nicole


Easy Peezy Salsa

Go ahead and thank me now...here is the easiest/yummiest salsa recipe!

{Courtesy of my fellow salsa lover Ms. Savell over at Not So PTA!}

This veggies in this list of ingredients cost me all of $5 - so it's even better, because we all know how good cheap feels! {HA - that is not what I meant!}

{I cut the recipe in half because it's only me and the mr. wonderful, but here is the full recipe}

4 tomatoes
1 onion
1-2 jalapenos {depends on how brave you are}
2 limes {just the juice}
3-4 cloves garlic
1/3 of a cucumber {I'm not a fan so I didn't include this}
Handful of cilantro
Splash of distilled white vinegar
Salt to taste

Blend them all together in the blender/food processor to the consistency you like and enjoy with a bag of salty chips and cold 'insert beverage of choice here'! {Mine was a frozen strawberry margarita...mmm yes ma'am}

- Lindsey Nicole