Not one but two...


Who am I?! 

I received my first Birchbox order and its a beauty - What's Birchbox you say?

{Age of Aquarius} - Get it here

Can't wait to try it and let y'all know how it turns out! Plus it's a neon and I am OBSESSED with neons!

Happy Saturday {go OUTSIDE...it's B.E.A. UTIFUL}

More on the at home gel manicure later!

- Lindsey Nicole


A woman is helpless until her nail polish dries

Ain't that the truth!  Well I have the solution...I think

I  have this crazy co-worker (miss tess from A Modern Suburbanite's Life) and she is BEYOND obsessed with nail polish and I have finally fallen into her trap and now every time I go to any damn store that sells it I have to stop and paint every nail a different color!

{and it's inevitable that I leave with one...or two}

But, if you know me then you know that I have the craziest nails and absolutely NOTHING seems to stay on my nails no matter what I try! Normally within 2 days I have chips everywhere and that just ridiculous! {why can't I have pretty nails like everyone else?}

During my browsing at Walgreens the other day I came across a new product that I just HAD to try {why not...I have tried just about everything else!}

Supposedly, with just 4 steps and 15 minutes you have beautiful - DRY nails...here we go.

1. Put the activator on one hand
2. Put the gel color over that
3. Put activator on 2nd hand
4. Put activator on 2nd hand
REPEAT and your done!

Look how they turned out.....

{ignore my cuticles...one step at a time alright}

I was very impressed with how quick it went on and how fast it dried {this girl doesn't have time to sit with tacky wet nails for 30 minutes!} I could have literally washed my hair within 5-7 minutes on finishing!

{and ladies and gentlemen THAT is no small feat... it NEVER FAILS that if I wash my hair my polish will be nonexistent after...SERIOUSLY?!}

Two issues: 1). If you are not fast enough with the gel color it will look streaky because the activator is drying and get tacky
2.) They only had it in 4 colors...not. good. news.

Moral of the story - go get it...it's worth it! {Tessie - aren't you proud of my polish post??!}

- Lindsey Nicole


Mom Prom?

Anybody ever heard of a mom prom? {me either}

Apparently, the new "thing" popping up around the country is the self explanatory "mom prom"...and when I say self explanatory...I mean

It's a prom type event where older woman dress in their old prom digs and party the night away! The night comes with a DJ, food and even a sparkly tiara for the prom queen...hey what else does a girl need?

Some of the events even donate all proceeds of ticket sales to various charities! This is starting to sound like something I might do when I hit the mom prom age!

Would you go to a mom prom?

Check out these rockin' lady's dresses! Oh the 80's styles...

Sneak peak...tomorrow...$13.99 at home gel manicure that lasts for 10 days?? YES PLEASE!

- Lindsey Nicole


Birchbox Bandwagon!

I have finally done it! Thanks to The Small Things Blog, I have fallen madly in love with Birchbox! 

{Don't know what it is??} 

 It's a wonderful site that has hundreds of beauty essentials from nail polish, to shampoos/conditioners, to makeup and on and on. 

The best part about Birchbox is that they offer a subscription program where for only $10 a month you get a box delivered right to your door with sample size bottles of the their hottest items. That way you can try the products without having to buy the full size ones...trust though that after trying some you will be back on their site purchasing full size products! 

So back to my lack of will power story...I have been drooling over multiple Birchbox products for months now since I started reading The Small Thing's blogpost every month where she goes through the box that she got. 

Today I broke down and made a impulsive very rational purchases...not ONE, but TWO times! My first Birchbox purchase was this shade of nail polish that SCREAMS summer and I can't wait to try it in 5-7 business days!

{All I see is the the water in front of me, the sand in my toes, a margarita in my hand....I know I'm dreaming right lol}

My second purchase was the monthly subscription...which I CANNOT wait to share with y'all in hopes I can suck you in right along with me!
Happy Birchboxing! 

 - Lindsey Nicole


Pinterest Parties???

Here is a quick stat for you...Pinterest is now considered the third most popular social network in the U.S. behind Facebook and Twitter!!

Now... I am guilty as charge, but this new trend has eluded me!

Pinterest addicts...ever heard of Pinterest parties??!?!?

I just heard of these yesterday and couldn't wait to get the blog world's thoughts on them!

Essentially it is a party where addicts step away from the cyber pinning and pin in real life!

Stations for tips on tablescapes, hair tutorials, fashion and make-up advice and even jewelry making are set up in an open space where people {let's face it... mostly woman} can mingle and live in the Pinterest world for an evening.

{Don't forget yummy Pinterest inspired recipes and cocktails!!}

What sounds better than all the fun of Pinterest combined with good friends! I don't know about y'all, but I am ready to plan my first Pinterest party!!

What do y'all think about this trend? Would you have one?

Summer is here!

Well it's April in Houston and that means it might as well be summer, because it is hot as hell already!

I don't about y'all, but I love everything about summer {well maybe not everything...not the sweating or the way the humidity makes me look like I stuck my finger in a light socket...but thats besides the point!}

What I do love are the bright colors...the sun on my skin...the sleeveless sun dresses...the open toed shoes...driving with the windows down, listening to Chris Young serenade me with his super sultry voice that is so...whoa sorry I got carried away!

{don't believe me?...listen to this and tell me you don't swoon over that voice!}

Now that you are all die hard Chris Young fans :) here are some more things I am loving for this summer!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this color combination and wish this was in my closet as we speak!

Wouldn't these be perfect out by the pool! Pinned here

Perfect for a day on the boat or at a picnic...I LOVE the crochet look...I need something that is crocheted...shoes...shorts...dress...pronto! Pinned here

I think I love the neon trend almost as much as I love the crocheted trend...especially in nail polish! Pinned here


EVERYONE needs one of these disgustingly cute babies to play in the yard with on those gorgeous summer days!

ps - here is a video of my baby now

- Lindsey Nicole


A friendly visit

Remember this post?

That was just one stop on a girls only shopping/eating/drinking spree that me and one of my best friends had when she came to visit me a few weekends ago!

There she is!! The cutie on the left is my Baylor bear friend I went to visit here

Anyways...I digress...she came in for a job interview and we decided to make the most of the weekend


If you know me, you know that food is my friend :) and if it's in a new restaurant then I. AM. THERE!

Here is what we started with...

We ate it so fast I can't even remember what was all on it, but it is one of the best pizza's I have had in a LONG time!

And as much as I loved the pizza, I can honestly say I forgot all about the pizza when they brought these puppies out


If you are out one evening and you are looking for a great atmosphere try Alto - you will love the live music, personable service, upscale ambiance (without the upscale prices!), not to mention food that is out of this world!

...whoa I talked about that restaurant waaay more than planned...let's move on

We also decided to have a night in one night, but don't worry, it definitely involved food (AND dessert!) and maybe a margarita or two!


entree courtesy of the Pioneer Woman

deliciousness dessert

Needless to say we ate our way through the weekend with a few pit stops to buy some unnecessary crucial items!

Love you Allison!! Can't wait to see you soon!

- Lindsey Nicole


Summer shoe trends

I can't seem to catch on this whole blog thing! I have great plans to post every day or every other day and I even make sure I take pics to include in said posts....and then nothing!

I know, I know, I know I am the worst blog owner ever...please forgive!

Sooo...let's start with something simple...shoe trends I am loving for this summer! {Now we all know that I love shoes almost as much as I love my husband...see here}

What? There is nothing better than a good pair of 4-5 inch heels and a hot date with my hubby!

I would put these in order starting with my fav, buuuut hell I can't choose, so here goes:

Neons: Neon is hot, hot, hot this summer in everything from clothes to nail polish to shoes and these are spot on!

See the gold metallic toe? LOVE IT! Metallic and neon together...perfect!

Next and possibly my favorite is the crochet/lace look...so country chic!

Don't these just make you want to sit on big porch with your honey bunny and a glass of lemonade??

Lastly, is the oversized embellishments: buckles + flowers + zippers = FUN!

Wouldn't these go great with a pair of skinny jeans and gold hoops?

The moral of the story is that all these trends are super cute and I need them all in my closet asap! So I am taking donations for the shoe support fund if anyone is feeling generous :)

What are y'alls favorite shoe trends for this summer??

- Lindsey Nicole